1. Basics

This privacy statement is intended to inform users of this website about the degree to which (personal) data is collected and used by the website owner (we, website’s operator, service provider). Data is considered personal if you can be identified by it.

The website’s operator is taking your privacy very seriously and conforms to to international privacy laws, including the European GDPR privacy protection law. Due to the fast moving pace of the technology industry, we recommend reviewing this privacy statement regularly.

Definitions of used terms can be found in Article 4 GDPR.

Who is responsible for the privacy of this website?

The website’s operator is responsible for the data processing and collection. The contact details can be found in the imprint

How do we collect data?

Some data is collected because you as a user explicitly give us this information. This is the case if you enter data into a contact form.

Some data is also collected automatically once to visit our website. Typically this is technical data (browser type, operating system, date when you visit the website). The collection of this data happens automatically.

What is the purpose of collecting data?

Some data is used to ensure the correct and smooth functionality of this website. Other data is collected to analyse user behaviour.

What rights do you have regarding your data?

You have to right to ask for the origin, recipient and purpose of your personal data free of charge. You also have the right to ask for the correction, locking or deletion of this data. Feel free to reach out to us via the contact details given in the legal section. In addition you have the right to report issues to regulatory authorities.

Under certain circumstances you can demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data. Please refer to the ‘Right to restrict data processing’ section in this privacy statement.

Usage of tracking tools from third party providers?

When visiting this webpage your behaviour on this website can be analysed for statistical purposes.  This is done by using cookies together with so called analytics tools. The analysis of your behaviour on the page is typically done anonymously, i.e. your behaviour cannot be traced back to you as a person. You can opt out of this analysis by using specific tools. You will find more detailed information on that in this privacy statement.

2. General and obligatory Information

This website’s operator is taking the protection of your personal data very seriously. We treat your personal data confidentially and comply with regulatory data protection laws and this privacy statement.

If you visit this website, various personal data is collected. Data is considered personal if you as a person can be identified by it (e.g. email address). This privacy statements specifies to what extent we collect data and for what purpose.

We would like to point out that data transfers on the internet (e.g. via email) may contain security vulenrnabilities and that we cannot guarantee for the complete safety of data transfers in general.

Responsible for data processing.

The person responsible for data processing is:

Right to objection for data processing

Many data processing operations are only possible with your explicit consent. You can revoke your consent at any time. An informal revokation is sufficient. The legal validity of your revocation is subject to current law.

Right to objection against data processing in special cases as well as direct advertisement (Article 21 GDPR)

If the data processing is based on Article 6 (1) GDPR you have the right to enter an objection due to the special situation you’re currently in. This is also true for profiling.

If you enter an objection, we will no longer process you personal data unless we have legitimate interests to do so that prevail you interests. (Article 21 (1) GDPR).

If personal data is processed to do direct advertisment, you have to right to enter an objection against the processing of you personal data (also true for profiling). If you enter an objection, your personal data will not longer be used for direct advertisement (Article 21 (2) GDPR).

Right to objection at controlling authority

In case of violating the terms specified in the GDPR, users can contact the responsible controlling authority. The responsible controlling authority typically sits in your country of residence

Right to data migration

You have the right to obtain your personal data we have collected with your consent in a common machine readable format. If you request the direct transfer of data to a third party, this can only be done if it is technically feasible.

SSL / TLS encryption

For security reasons, this website always uses SSL / TLS encryption to further protect your data. You can determine whether the connection is encrypted by checking if the current URL starts with ‘https://’. If TLS/SSL encryption is enabled, data that you send to us cannot be read by third parties.

Information, locking, deletion and correction

You have the right to obtain information on your stored personal data, its origin, its recipient and the data processing’s purpose and if applicable the right to correction, locking or deletion of these files.

You can reach out to us via the contact information provided in the imprint.

Right to restrict data processing

You have the right to ask for restricting the processing of your personal data. You can reach out to us via the contact information provided in the imprint. The right to restrict data processing is possible in the following cases:

  • if you doubt the correctness of your personal data, we typically need time to check this. During the process of checking your data, you have the right to restrict the data processing of your personal data.
  • if the processing of your personal data did not happen with your consent, you can ask for the restriction of the data processing instead of its deletion
  • if we no longer need your personal data, but you need it to defend yourself in front of a court, you can demand the restriction of the data processing
  • if you enter an objection due to article 21 GDPR, your interests and our interests have to be balanced. As long as it is not clear whose interests are prevalent, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.

If you have restricted the processing of your personal data, this data may only be used to defend yourself in court, to protect your rights or the rights of another person or to protect a legitimate public interest of the European union or other member states

Objection against advertising emails

We hereby object the usage of the contact information specified in the imprint for advertisement purposes. You may only send advertisement if we explicity agreed to that. We reserve the right to take legal measures if the contact data is used for advertisment (e.g. spam).

3. Data Collection on this webpage

This website’s operator only collects, uses and forwards your personal data if this is compliant with data protection laws (including GDPR) and only if you agree.  All data that is used to identify you as a person is considered personal data, e.g. your email / name.
You can visit this website without providing personal data as well. To improve our online service, we save your access data on our website (non-personal data). Access data includes the name of requested files or your internet provider’s name. This is anonymous data so you are not directly identifiable.

Accessing this webpage

The website’s owner is processing website access data because of legitimate interests (GDPR Article 6(1)). The website accesses data is saved as server log files. The following data is collected:

  • time of website access
  • visited website
  • amount of data sent in byte
  • source/link from which you came to the site
  • used browser
  • used operating system
  • used IP address

The server log files are saved for a maximum of seven days and will be deleted within seven days. This data is saved for to security reasons, i.e. to elucidate misuse. If data has to be kept as a piece of evidence, it will not not be deleted until the issue has been resolved.


This website uses cookies for pseudo-anonymized reach measurement that are either sent from our server or a third party server to the user’s browser. Cookies are pieces of data that are saved on your device. Cookies help to improve this website’s usability and security.

If you do not wish to participate in the reach measurements you can opt out via the following websites:

Common browsers allow you to deactivate cookies in their settings. However, bear in mind that we cannot gurantee the functionality of this website if you deactivate your cookies.

Contact data

If you use this website’s contact form, your name, your email address and your message are saved because otherwise we cannot help you with your request. We only process this data with the explicit permission from users. We collect and process this data to optimise the users’s experience. We store your email address to get back to you, your message and your name so we know who we are talking to. Your message and email address is not shared with third party providers without your consent. The data you send us remains on our severs until you ask us to delete it or until the purpose of storing the data is no longer given as long as we do not violate legal retention periods

Comments and posts

If you leave a post or a comment, your IP address, the comment and your email is saved is saved. This happens because of legitimate interests (GDPR Article(6)) and is a security measurement for this website’s operator. Should your comment violate established law, we can be pursued and therefore we have a legitimate interest to know the identify of a user who posted a comment.

The comment remains on our site until the commented content is completely deleted or until the comments have to be removed due to legal reasons.

The storage of comments is based on your consent (Article 6(1) GDPR). You can revoke your consent at any time. An informal message is sufficient.

Google Analytics

This website is using a tool called Google Analytics due to the legitimate interest (GDPR Article 6 (1)) to optimize this website’s online offer. Google Analytics is offered by Google Inc (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). This service (Google Analytics) uses cookies which are saved on your device. The information collected by these cookies are typically transferred and saved to Google servers located in the US.

Google LLC complies with the European data protection law GDPR and is certified as part of the privacy-shieled arrangement:

This website uses a technique called IP masking. The IP addresses from users within the EU, European Economic area and countries that have ratified the GDPR, are masked. In very few instances, the IP address is being sent unmasked to a Google server in the US where it is masked. By masking the IP address, the IP address is no considered personal data any more according to GDPR since users cannot be uniquely identified by their masked IP address any more. The IP address from the user’s browser is not combined with other data that Google has already stored.

As part of the data processing agreement we have created with Google, Google is creating a report on the website’s usage and activity. The data collected by Google under our data processing agreement are used to analyze the usage of our web service.

You can prevent the storage of cookies on your device if you specify the respective settings in your browser. However, we cannot guarantee this website’s functionality if your browser doesn’t accept cookies.

In addition, you can install a browser plugin that prevents your usage data from being sent and used by Google.
You can get the plugin by visiting the following link:
As an alternative you can prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data by clicking on this opt-out link. By clicking this opt out-link you download an opt-out-cookie. Therefore your browser must allow the storage of cookies. If you delete your cookies regularly you have to click this opt out link again to prevent Google Analytics from taking action.
You can find more information on how Google is using your data under the following links:

Facebook Plugin

Due to our legitimate interest of analysing and optimising our online offer (GDPR Article 6) this website uses the Facebook-Social-Plugin which is operated by Facebook Inc(1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA). The plugin provides Facebook’s like and share functionality. You can find more information on this plugin here:

Facebook Inc conforms to the European data protection law (GDPR) and is certified under the private shield agreement:

The plugin creates a direct connection between your browser and Facebook’s server. This website’s operator does not have any influence whatsoever to which degree this plugins transfers data to Facebook Inc. You can find more information on that here:

The plugin informs Facebook that you as a user have visited this website. It might be the case that your IP address is saved. If you are logged into your Facebook account while you visit this site, then this information is linked to your Facebook account.

If you use the plugin to like or share a post, the respective information is transmitted to Facebook Inc. as well.
If you would like to prevent Facebook from combining this data with your Facebook account, please log out before you visit this website and delete the saved cookies. Furthermore, you can set additional privacy settings in you Facebook profile and you can prevent Facebook from using this data for targeted advertising. The settings can be found here:

To can find out for what purpose and to what extend Facebook is collecting data and to protect your privacy please consult Facebook’s privacy statement which can be found here:

Twitter Plugin

This website uses functionality that Twitter Inc (1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA) provides. By using Twitter and by using the retweet functionality, the websites you visit are connected to your twitter account and shared with other users. In the process of doing so, data is transferred to twitter. We would like to point out that we don’t know exactly what kind of data is transferred to Twitter and to what extent it is used. You can find more information on this in Twitter’s privacy statement:

The usage of the Twitter plugin is based on Article 6 (1) GDPR. This website’s operator has a legitimate interest create a bigger visibility in social media. You can review an change your privacy settings in your account settings:

Google+ Plugin

Our website uses the Google+ plugin that is offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

By clicking the Google+ button you can publish information worldwide. By using the Google+ plugin, you and other users receive personalised content from Google and our partners. Google stores that you have given a +1 for the respective piece of content on a specific website. Your +1s can be combined with other information Google has collected from you in the past (search history, profile pictures) to show personalised ads.

Google stores information on your +1 activities to improve Google services for you and other users. To use the Google+ plugin you need a publicly visible Google profile that has to contain at least a name. This name is used in other Google services. The identity of your Google profile can be shown to users who know your email address or who possess information that are sufficient to identify you.

The usage of the Google+ plugin is based on Article 6 (1) GDPR. This website’s operator has a legitimate interest in building a big audience on social media.

Instagram Plugin

Our website uses the Instagram plugin offered by Instagram Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.

If you are logged into your Instagram account, you can link our webpage’s contents to your Instagram profile. By doing this, Instagram can connect the visit of our website with your Instagram account. We would like to point out that we do not know what kind of information is sent to Instagram.

The usage of the Instagram plugin is based on Article 6 (1) GDPR. This website’s operator has a legitimate interest in building a big audience on social media.

You can find more information in Instagram’s privacy policy:

Google Web Fonts

For aesthetic reasons, this website uses Google Web Fonts, a service offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. When you visit our webpage, your browser loads the required web fonts in your browser cache to display the different fonts properly.

To load these fonts, your browser has to establish a connect to Google servers and therefore Google knows that our website has been accessed by your IP address. The website’s operator has a legitimate interest to provide a great web presence and therefore we use Google Web Fonts.

If your browser does not support Google Web fonts, a standard font from your computer is used. You can find more information on Google Web fonts here: and we also encourage you to review their privacy policy:

Google reCAPTCHA

We use Google reCAPTCHA on our website that is offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (‘Google’).

By using reCAPTCHA, we can make sure that data entered on this website (e.g. in our contact form) is done by a human and not by a program (bot). Google reCAPTCHA analyses the user’s behaviour to get hints on whether a machine or a human is accessing the webpage. This includes various information such as IP address, duration of the visit and mouse movements). The data collected by this analysis is forwarded to Google.

The reCAPTCHA analysis is done in the background. Website visitors are not made aware of Google reCAPTCHA’s activity when they visit the website. The data processing is done based on Article 6 (1) GDPR. This website’s operator has a legitimate interest that the website is not misused and to prevent spam.

You can get more information on Google reCAPTCHA and its privacy policy here:


Your website uses plugins from Youtube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA.

If you visit one of our pages that uses the youtube plugin, the plugin will connect with YouTube servers and communicate which webpage you have visited. Furthermore Youtube saves various cookies on your device. By storing cookies on your device, YouTube can collect information on the visitors of our webpage. This information is collected to create statistics about videos (view count, view duration), to improve usability and to prevent misuse. The cookies remain on your device until you delete them.

If you are logged in with your YouTube account you enable YouTube to connect your behaviour on our website with your YouTube account. You can prevent that from happening by logging out of your YouTube account before you visit this website.

The website’s owner has a legitimate interest to leverage YouTube’s plugin (Article 6 (1) GDPR) because it is in our interest to build an audience on social media. You can find more information on how YouTube deals with your data in its privacy statement:

Newsletter subscription

The website’s operator offers a newsletter in which you can get information on new happenings and offers. If you would like to subscribe, you need to specify a valid email address. If you subscribe to the newsletter you agree to receive emails.

The newsletter is being sent by Mailjet which allows us to send emails to our newsletter subscribers (headquartered in 13-13 bis, rue de l’Aubrac – 75012 Paris, France).

Mailjet is fully GDPR compliant and is ISO 27001 certified. It offers the highest level of data privacy and security available in the email industry. Mailjet only stores its data on servers located in the European Union

The email addresses of our newsletter recipients as well as metadata are stored on Mailjet servers located in Europe. Mailjet uses this information to send out the newsletter on our behalf. Mailjet can use this data to optimise or improve its own services (e.g. technical optimisation) and provides statistical analysis on how well an email campaign is performing. As a newsletter recipient you won’t be contacted by Mailjet independently and your data will not be passed on to third parties by Mailjet. We have signed a data processing agreement with Mailjet. This data protection agreement obliges Mailjet to protect data of our users and forces them to adhere to privacy laws. Mailjet does not pass on data to third parties. We also don’t pass on information to other third parties (except Mailjet). Mailjet’s privacy can be found here.

If you no longer wish to receive emails, you can click the unsubscribe link in each email. When you subscribe, we need to verify that you own the email address you’ve specified. Therefore we exclusively use the double opt-in mechanism. The data you enter once you subscribe will only be used to send our newsletter and is not used for other purposes. If you unsubscribe, the data you’ve entered on subscription will be deleted.